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Concrete Repairs

Concrete is the most commonly used building material in commercial construction. On large commercial and industrial projects, deficiencies in concrete slabs and structures are inevitable. The most common deficiencies found are cracks, voids, uneven surfaces, or water ingress through pipe protrusions, cold joints, cracks, expansion joints, elevator pits or any areas below grade where hydrostatic pressure is present. At Pacific Coast Concrete we specialize in all aspects of commercial concrete restoration and waterproofing. Our technicians have all the training, skills, and safety requirements to complete your project in a safe, time sensitive manner.

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Foundation And Flatwork Repairs

Cracks and concrete deficiencies are very common in residential foundations and flatwork. Improper drainage and foundation cracks may result in leaks in a home owners basement or crawl space. There are multiple methods to repair these deficiencies. The most common repair on a residential foundation is polyurethane injection from the inside of the structure. This method is less expensive than excavating and installing a waterproof membrane or new drainage. At Pacific Coast Concrete we specialize in all aspects of residential concrete restoration and waterproofing. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to complete your project in a safe and time sensitive manner.

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Concrete Leak Repairs

Polyurethane injection is a concrete repair method most commonly used to repair deficiencies in a below grade concrete structure. Hydrostatic pressure will force water to migrate through cracks, cold joints, voids, or any areas that have construction deficiencies. Polyurethane resin is injected into the structure via the pressure injection process and will cause a chemical reaction turning both the polyurethane and any existing water or moisture into a dense closed cell waterproof foam. The polyurethane resin will migrate through the crack into the existing earth material behind the concrete structure, fill the crack entirely, and block any future water ingress to the repaired area. At Pacific Coast Concrete we have extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise repairing structures by the method of polyurethane injection.

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Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is a structural concrete repair method used to repair cracks or deficiencies on a structure. This method is most commonly used above grade where no moisture or water ingress is present . High strength, low viscosity epoxy is injected into a crack, welding the crack and restoring the integrity of the structure back to its original state. At Pacific Coast Concrete we have extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise repairing structures by the method of epoxy injection.


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Traffic Deck Coatings

Traffic deck coatings are used as a waterproof membrane on surfaces subject to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. These coatings are most commonly found in multi level parkades, balconies, plaza decks, mechanical rooms, rooftops, or any areas where waterproofing is necessary. Traffic deck coatings are a great way to restore the appearance of older concrete structures that have cracks or have deteriorated over time. Cracks can be properly repaired and then sealed with a traffic deck coating leaving no sign that they ever existed in the first place. At Pacific Coast Concrete we have extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience applying traffic deck coatings.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Has your concrete deteriorated, cracked, or sunk over the years due to the wonderful weather British Columbia has to offer? Concrete that has cracked or sunk can be a safety hazard due to uneven surfaces creating tripping hazards. Removing old, broken concrete slabs and replacing them will improve the appearance and increase the value of your home or business. At Pacific Coast Concrete we specialize in the removal and replacement of concrete slabs and structures.


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British Columbia receives more rain per year than anywhere else on the continent. Waterproofing and proper drainage play a huge factor in keeping your basement, foundation, or structure dry. At Pacific Coast Concrete we specialize in removing and replacing outdated or deteriorated waterproof membranes, and installing proper drainage. Let our waterproofing specialists get the job done right.

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Parkade Restoration

Does your strata building have a dark out dated parkade? Do you feel unsafe walking to your car in the morning? Let us at Pacific Coast Concrete brighten up your parkade and bring it back to life. We specialize in all aspects of parkade renovations. Have us repair your concrete deficiencies, pressure wash, install new lighting, brighten up your walls and columns with a new coat of white paint, install a waterproof traffic deck coating, install mirrors at blind corners and paint new parking stall lines. This will increase the value of your property well beyond the cost of installation. Contact us for a free parkade renovation estimate!

Confined Space

At Pacific Coast Concrete we specialize in confined space concrete restoration and repair. Our technicians have all the required safety equipment, safety certification, training, and knowledge necessary to complete confined space concrete repairs. We have safely completed projects in tanks, water treatment facilities, hydro damns, water reservoirs, sewers, elevator shafts, manholes, and underground tunnels.

Caulking and Expansion Joints

Expansion joints play a very important role in most concrete structures. They allow the concrete structure to expand and contract freely without cracking. It is important that the proper products and methods are used to seal and waterproof these expansion joints. At Pacific Coast Concrete we have extensive knowledge and experience removing and installing caulking and expansion joints.

Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers are applied to a concrete surface to extend its lifespan and protect it from the elements. Over time a concrete surface will deteriorate in harsher climates. Applying a concrete sealer will help lockout moisture from penetrating a surface and also protect it from the suns harmful U.V rays. We have many years of experience installing different types of concrete sealers. Let us find the right sealer for your project.

Concrete Forming and Finishing

Are you looking to install concrete on your property? Let us provide a free estimate! Whether you are looking for a new driveway, sidewalk, patio, or retaining wall etc. We have you covered!

Grinding and Resurfacing

If you have a concrete surface that needs attention give us a call! Once a concrete surface has deteriorated, its structure is much more susceptible to further damage from moisture penetration at a faster rate. A damaged surface can also pose a threat as a tripping hazard. Rough or uneven concrete surfaces can be restored by grinding and resurfacing with a new high strength skim coat.

Excavation and Drainage Repair

Proper installation of drainage pipes play a very important role in protecting a foundation from water penetration. In many cases a building flood may be caused by blocked or improperly installed drainage lines. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to clean out , excavate and repair drainage lines . We also specialize in other aspects of excavation, slab prep and groundworks.

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